Fully Managed Services

Elevate to a reliable solution to manage and operate your Addepar instance.

By outsourcing these services to us, you can always be assured of complete and up-to-date data. With our proven expertise and experience, you can trust that your Addepar instance will be managed to the highest standard.

Moreover, by choosing our services, you will not have to worry about hiring additional analysts.

Addepar Services (3)
Addepar Services (2)

New Instance Implementation

From importing ownership structure to billing with related attributes, we will set up your brand-new Addepar Instance so that you can focus on your clients and streamlining your processes.

Services / Workflows

  • Import of Ownership Structure
  • Audit Ownership Structure
  • Creation and tagging attributes.
  • Setting up billing and billing attributes
  • Setting up reports, etc.

Adhoc Consultation & Training

Our team of experts can consult and provide training on different modules of Addepar, including consultation on best practice workflows. Feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation on any of the Addepar modules, including:

  • Ownership Structure
  • Custom Attributes
  • Target Allocation
  • Performance Audit
  • Cost basis management and audit gain/loss
  • Creating comprehensive report
  • Setting up client portals and Mobile Apps
  • Benchmark Associations
  • Billing, etc.
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Addepar Services (4)

Alternative / Offline Data Management

We will enter the transaction and valuations from the alternative data sources. We can also audit the performance of your offline assets.

Apart from managing data from online accounts, Addepar also allows to manage data from offline or alternative sources.

However, this is tedious and requires a lot of time. At Elevate, we can help you manage and keep the Alternative data up to date so that you can use them for your reporting and related workflows.

At Elevate, we are committed to helping you achieve scalability with your Addepar Implementation. Talk to us to help us understand your situation, and our team of experts will offer you a solution that best fits your situation.